The Business Of School Photography

As the year comes close to an end, all that students wait for is the infamous  school photograph.  The business of school photography has evolved greatly. From being a small event with a local photographer taking pictures in the school gym, school photography has changed to an entire model-like photoshoot. Parents have left no stone un-turned to make sure that their child has the best portrait.

In many cities, large and small franchise studios have a monopoly on the public grade schools and high schools. However, there are many private schools, preschools and daycare centers that are open to the idea of using someone new. It not only is an amazing way to reach many families, but it can be an amazing way to generate a substantial income.

The entire event does not stop with just a photo to remember. These days, an entire package is received with your childs entire year captured in photographs. This package could consist of anything from a thick year book, to a elegant portrait, to a picture on mugs/t-shirts etc.

This industry is yet in its nascent stage and a great potential for photographers is seen in here. There are millions of schools in the US alone where the business is booming, so you can imagine the exposure.

Companies are exclusively catering to this niche. Along with photographers, re-touching services also see a boost in their business. No one wants to look fat or ugly in their yearbooks and so the services of image re-touchers are required.

So the business works in 3 parts:

  1. Photographer: He is the one who will conduct the photoshoot (usually works with the photography company)
  2. Re-touching Agency: Photographs will be passed on by the photographer to the agency who will retouch and edit the pictures to make them perfect and send them back of the photographer
  3. School Photography Company: These are the people who give the clients the final portraits however they want it. Printed, digital, on a cup, on a book, calendar, yearbooks etc.

The company usually displays the pictures online where clients can order personalized items.

School photography is most definitely a growing business with companies, agencies and photographers focusing greatly on this niche. Schools and parents are also working hard to give their children a memorable gift as they leave school. 

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