Services Offered By School Photographers

With the growing popularity of School Photographs, the amount of services offered by photographers is increasing day by day.

Traditionally, a “Photo Day” included only one batch picture, with the entire class posing for a formal picture with their teachers and principals. This yet continues in schools in the East like India. For them its just a normal day, with a guy with a camera and a few benches that makes up the set.

But this is not the same reaction you will get if you mention the words “School Photograph” to a student is the USA or London! For them it is definitely a big deal. Not just the child, but the parents are also super involved in the preparations of the day.

It is not just the High School Seniors who get this privilege of a photoshoot. This highly structured event starts right from Primary School.

Portrait Day for them is far from a low key affair. Schools make sure that no stone is left unturned. The most important step is to pick up an expert  photographer who has experience in dealing with kids.

Along with the school, parents and children, the photographer too keeps in mind to give his client the best services. His services solely decide the tenure of their relationship.

Being unique and creative I the key to becoming a successful photographer. Kids like a person in front of whom they can be themselves, show their personality and most importantly someone in front of whom they do not shy away. Along with that, it is important for the photographer to constantly come up with new ideas which the other photographers do not offer.

Some of the services that are offered by School Photographers are:

  1. Traditional Class Photographs: This includes a very formal picture with students neatly lined up, smiling sweetly with their batch-mates, class teachers and principal. Each child gets this postcard size image for memory.
  2. Individual Portrait: In some schools, this is nothing than a professional photoshoot. Costume, lights, set etc. all chose to perfection to give the student a perfect picture.
  3.  Group Portrait: A group of best friends taking a picture with the funny props that describes them.
  4.  Customizes Articles: Once a portrait picture is clicked, the photographer can make it available on many articles and items for the student.

For example: Mugs, class t-shirts, boxes, book covers, calenders, bookmarks, mouse pads, photo frames, stickers, postcards, yearbooks and memory books, etc. 

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