Jewelry Retouching

Type “ring” on the web and you get thousands of images and links thrown at you. Which one will you select? Eventually you will end up selecting the best ring.

Ever wondered why a ring didn’t give the shine and effect, as it gave in the photo, on our fiancé finger? The shine that you saw while selecting a ring for your fiancé is not present in the actual ring. Ever wondered why?


Jewelry Retouching by KeyIndia Graphics

The reason is simple. JEWELRY RETOUCHING!! A growing business where shine and image of the jewelry is all that matters. Even if you see a ring on a brochure, the shine that you see is retouched.

Having a chance to shoot rare and exotic stones and designs is a huge privilege in the field of Jewelry Photography. Sometimes though, you get a call to shoot something that’s more intriguing, rare, or even spectacular in nature: The large diamond; the odd cut; an intense color rarely seen. Make this experience even better by getting the right finishing touches. 

“Start with a great image and you get a great image” is the general saying. Jewelry that is heavily worn will one day lose its shine and luster. But there are ways of improving these images so that they look as sparkling as they were.

The key to sell jewelry online is having the best and the most attractive photo. Customers will seal a deal only if the photo of the jewelry is appealing and attractive and the liked at one look. The key to get attractive and best photos is Retouching. Retouching is a relatively straight-forward, requiring contrast adjustments, cleaning the metal and improving the stone faceting, removing unwanted dark refractions, and unwanted colors. Additional contraction is added to increase the shine of the jewelry.


Jewelry Retouching by KeyIndia Graphics

Jewelry is well focused if the customer can see only the jewelry and nothing else on the photo. To get the right focus only on the jewelry, Clipping Path comes into picture. Clipping Path includes cutting of the image exactly as per the shape of the jewelry. The detailing for this is minute and requires proper editing. Any error while clipping path will make the photo a photo with flaws. This is perfectly done by the experts of KeyIndia Graphics. The experts of KeyIndia Graphics edit your photos in such a way that will not hamper the look of the jewelry, but enhance the entire look.

Background Retouching, again another important aspect required for Jewelry Retouching and editing. Jewelry is a product whose pictures are taken on surfaces or boxes. Having the base along with the jewelry on an online site can cause the jewelry in losing its original look. With Background Retouching, the image is given a sustainable background that will work wonders for the entire image.

Jewelry Photo Retouching includes Clipping Path, Photo Retouching, Background Retouching, Product Clipping and a lot more that helps your muse to get the desired effect. All kinds of Product Retouching, Clipping Path, Apparel Photo Retouching, Shoes Photo Retouching, Jewelry Photo Retouching, Fashion Photo Retouching, Outsourcing Photo Retouching, Background Retouching etc. is provided by KeyIndia Graphics.


Jewelry Retouching by KeyIndia Graphics

KeyIndia Graphics has years of experience in providing the best retouching services to professional photographer and publishers, organizations and studios. Having the best team for editing professionals, KeyIndia Graphics can provide any type of digital Photo Retouching Services that a company may require.

KeyIndia Graphics takes time to give your photo the best possible results. KeyIndia Graphics does not only believe in making profit, but its main focus is towards Quality and Customer Satisfaction. We realize that if you go through the effort of submitting your photos for enhancements, you expect the best.

KeyIndia Graphics provides you with best and trustworthy service of Photo Retouching. Other services provided by KeyIndia Graphics are Product Photo Retouching, Clipping Path, Background Change, Background Retouching, Color Correction, Electronic Gadgets Photo Retouching, Photo Restoration, Web Designing, Apparel Photo Retouching, Shoes Photo Retouching, Jewelry Photo Retouching, Fashion Photo Retouching, Outsourcing Photo Retouching, Watch Photo Retouching, and Phone Photo Retouching. All the Retouching services, Photo Restoration Services, Wedding Photo Retouching Services, name the service and it’s in front of you only by KeyIndia Graphics.




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    very nice post. thank you very much for sharing…

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